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Welcome to H.E.A.L


At Holistic Education and Learning we recognise that all individuals develop and learn at their own pace and in their own way – it is certainly not a case of one size fits all!

We endeavour to build on self esteem and reinforce a positive mindset when it comes to individual growth. We are here to support each person reaching their full potential by embracing their learning style and tailoring programs to their individual needs, developing a more confident and self-assured learner in the process.

We specialise in:



  • Adult English and Business Communication development - personal and corporate training

  • ChatGPT - personal and corporate training


All age students

  • Individual subjects - Literacy/Phonics, Math, English, Science, GCSE, A Levels

  • Physical development - fine motor and gross motor

  • Advanced Learners

  • School Readiness (Preparing young children to enter a structured school environment)

  • Specialised Secondary School subjects

  • Foreign Language lessons

  • University level support - time management skills and specialised subject support


Additionally, we can work with your child’s classroom teacher to identify their individual learning needs based on their academic reports, and in return share progress updates with their teacher.



           +971 58 523 4965

           +971 58 523 4965 

           +9714 332 3523


PO Box 52927  Dubai, UAE.

Holistic Education and Learning FZ-LLC

Dubai, UAE.

Positions Vacant

Are you an enthusiastic Teacher wanting to help make a positive change to a child's life?

Please contact us now for more information on how to join the passionate team at H.E.A.L.       

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